Termite Rodent Exterminator

Professional Pest Control During Covid-19

While the world is going through uncertain times, and more people are staying indoors, rodents and other pests are found in more places. In this situation, pests are growing their territory, moving into the areas where food is stored. 

If you are looking for a way to control pest infestation, you won’t have to look further because Hydrex is here to give you relief. We are professionals who serve an essential role in protecting safety and health. Hydrexs’ team of professionals can help protect homes from the threats of pests with a guarantee. Learn more about the different services we provide:

Residential pest control

Hydrex offers secure and safe pest control services for homes. With our team of licensed and experienced professionals, we can take care of the pest issues faster and in an efficient manner.

Commercial pest control

With many work offices going unused or closed due to the coronavirus social distancing regulations, pests can invade empty spaces. We can provide a solution to all types of pest threats your offices may be facing.

Benefits of pest control during coronavirus pandemic 

Keeps diseases at bay

The first thing you have to keep in mind that rodents bring diseases, and you must keep yourself and your family safe from rats, mice, moles, and gophers. These can infest your house when you are indoors, and spread disease. Rodents, bed bugs, and termites are the pests that can cause other severe infections in your household. To fight these insects, you need to keep your commercial or residential places pest free. 

Reduces allergies

Bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, bites can cause severe allergies once a home gets infested. If you see these pests are residing at the corners of your home, you need immediate service to remove the health hazards. Hydrex is here to help you get rid of any infestations that can be grown in your household. It’s important during these times to maintain a clean home free of pests when everyone is staying indoors. As an essential service, we’re able to operate during this pandemic to keep your home safe.