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HPC Termite


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When it comes to your home's structure, termites are perhaps the most feared and destructive pest of all!

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

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These blood-sucking insects love to infest your bed and bite while you’’re sleeping.

Africanized Honey Bee

Africanized Honey Bees

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Nicknamed “killer bees” due to their extremely aggressive nature, the Africanized honeybee is no different from the common western honeybee in appearance.

Rats and Rodents


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Whether your problem is rats, moles, mice, gophers or rabbits, rodents can be a danger to your property and your family’s health.

American Cockroach


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Larger than the typically half-inch brown-banded and German cockroach, the American cockroach can reach 2 inches in length.


Pavement Ants

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As the name suggests, these ants typically prefer to nest in cracks in cement, such as sidewalks or near retaining walls.

House Spider

House Spiders

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Generally harmless, house spiders leave behind unattractive webs in corners and along the ceiling.

mosquito image



a slender long-legged fly with aquatic larvae. The bite of the bloodsucking female can transmit a number of serious diseases

Termite Rodent Exterminator

Eliminate Household Pests Once and For All

Are you tired of spraying, swatting, squishing and trapping household pests, only to have your efforts go up in smoke when the insects or rodents reappear? Most pests are persistent, and if not dealt with properly, what started as a two-alarm annoyance can quickly grow into a five-alarm blaze of infestation. If the frustration of battling pests has you seeing's time to call Hydrex.

Hydrex and the Fries Family!

The Fries family has owned Hydrex since 1969. For Hydrex owner Scott Fries, protecting property is not just a job--it’s a passion. As a firefighter for 32 years, Scott Fries battled to keep homes and businesses safe. Now, he uses that same passion to fight a different kind of hot spot: the pests that can endanger your house’s integrity and even your family’s health. When a pest problem ignites in your home or business--whether it’s rodents, ants, spiders, bedbugs or any other unwanted critter--a quick response can extinguish trouble before it grows into a wildfire. Don’t let an infestation of termites or rodents cause significant structural damage, or a roach or flea problem potentially sicken your family. Instead, give Hydrex Pest Control a call, and a state-licensed, expert technician will evaluate the situation and then take the necessary steps to eradicate the problem at its source. And our services don’t stop when your pest troubles are stamped out! Hydrex is committed to providing your property with all-season protection against pests. Call today to speak with one of our technicians: 800-794-9440

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Our licensed team of exterminators has years of experience helping homeowners and business owners eliminate infestations from their property.

All Kinds of Pests
We have experience with different types of pests such as rodents, termites, spiders, bed bugs, ants, roaches and many more.

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Once we get started property owners can rest assured our crews will do the job right and without cutting corners. Even better, we finish on schedule, every single time!

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Reviews and Testimonials

Sean T.

Los Angeles, CA

Fantastic service. Highly recommend. Every person I dealt with at this company was courteous, beyond helpful and reliable. What more could you want ? Sergio, who came to do the inspection gave me his cell number and always answered his phone when I had questions.

Lisa R.

Chestnut Hill, MA

Five stars to Eddie who got rid of our fruit flies within a week!!! Great communication and service!

Kim L.

Los Angeles, CA

Called on a Monday and scheduled an appointment for the following day. Tyrone arrived at my house on time and ready to get rid of our cricket infestation. Very courteous and professional. I would use Hydrex again and I would recommend their services.